Behind the Scenes with The LovingKind

This past November, the TLK Shop opened with a collection of Christmas cards. As I was preparing to launch my first products, I wanted to do something special. Ultimately, I wanted to share that they are more than just pretty paper, but they have a story. This presented the perfect opportunity to collaborate with my dear friends Kristin and Casey Peddicord of KLP Photography and Nicholas Keaton Films

The sun was golden as we reached the end of a full, successful day of shooting!

The sun was golden as we reached the end of a full, successful day of shooting!

I've been friends with Kristin since middle school and Casey since high school. Having them both as dear friends growing up, you can imagine how fun it was to see these two end up getting married! They now make an incredible team, not just as husband and wife, but as photographers and videographers. 

With their heart for marriage and focus on the wedding industry, not to mention our longtime friendship, collaborating with them was a no-brainer! As I watch the final video and look back through the behind the scenes photos, I'm so grateful for the way Casey and Kristin captured my vision and helped tell my story in a heartfelt way that fit my brand. 

I always personally find it so interesting to see how people create and collaborate, so I wanted to share some of our process with you. I hope you will enjoy walking through the behind the scenes of our shoot, and be inspired too! 

The LovingKind Behind the Scenes

As you can see in my expression, I was excited and a little nervous in the final moments before shooting. Thankfully, I had prepared my wardrobe and scripts as well as communicated a shot "wish list" with Casey and Kristin, so it was really just down to making it all happen!

One of my favorite parts of photo and video shoots is the styling. I had these pine cones and tinsel remaining from my product shoot with the Christmas cards, and I am so thankful Casey and Kristin encouraged me to add this touch of the holiday to the video shoot as well. 

We couldn't have accomplished this day without my sweet husband, Woody! In this particular moment, he was laying on the floor trying to keep one of our cats quiet because it kept meowing during filming!

Fun fact: part of our impromptu makeshift reflector was Woody's white shirt he wore for our wedding!

I love my art desk, and it is the place I have been doing creative work since high school. It was important to me to include it in the shoot because it has been such an important part of my creative life.

As Casey shot video, Kristin was capturing all of these amazing behind the scenes photos! I am forever grateful for the shots she got of me and Woody along the way. They turned out so great that I ended up using them as our anniversary photos this year and one of them for our Christmas card!

Silly moments kept the day relaxed and enjoyable!

Silly moments kept the day relaxed and enjoyable!

I loved when Casey and Kristin would show us some of the footage we were getting along the way; it made me all the more excited for the finished product!

On that note, there is more to come from this shoot! Stay tuned for another film sharing more of the heart of The LovingKind. Also, Casey and Kristin have some exciting things happening in their business this year that you will want to stay on the lookout for!

Thanks so much, Casey and Kristin, for partnering with us for what matters. Thank you for taking the time to hear my heart, and pay attention to all the details. This shoot exceeded my expectations (and as Woody can tell you, I tend to have high expectations!) You work hard and well and your work shows it. Most of all, I loved seeing the way you worked together and loved and honored each other. I'm excited for more collaboration with Casey and Kristin to come!

Finally, thank you to this man who did the truly hidden, unspoken, most meaningful work behind the scenes. From preparation to execution, Woody supported me and believed in me throughout this entire shoot. Without his feedback, help, and love, this day wouldn't have been as successful, peaceful or fun as it was.

Thanks for sharing in the behind the scenes fun! As a treat, all orders placed in the TLK Shop today are 15% off with the code BEHINDTHESCENES! Enjoy!