December 2015 goals

I can’t believe I’m writing my final monthly goals post of 2015! What a year it has been. More than ever, I am grateful for the gift of setting goals and writing them down to help me live a life of purpose and meaning.

Later this month I will be sharing a recap of my yearly goals as well as a super fun giveaway you won’t want to miss! Eek! I’m really pumped about it!

For now, let’s wrap up November and look to December and closing out the year with intention.

Anniversary photos in NYC! Photo by  Rachel Coffey Photography

Anniversary photos in NYC!
Photo by Rachel Coffey Photography

November was a great, sweet month. We woke up in our new home for the first time November 1. We celebrated our third anniversary November 3. We watched the Alabama Crimson Tide continue to victory! We spent the most amazing Thanksgiving with friends in New York City, and got our anniversary photos made in Times Square and Central Park. November was a month for new adventures and savoring good memories.

As December is upon us, I am eagerly and excitedly thinking about the Christmas season and preparing for the New Year. I love the process of sitting down to evaluate the past year, dream for the new year and make a road map for living a year of purpose while also savoring the goodness of the holidays. If you have never tried setting goals based on what matters in your life, this is your year! It will be messy and challenging, but so beautiful and more rewarding than you could imagine—not only for you, but for the people around you, too. If you’re looking for a great resource, I highly recommend PowerSheets by Lara Casey—they have made a life-changing difference for me! If you want to know more about how I use my PowerSheets, comment with questions below.

November Goals Progress

  • Love Woody wholeheartedly Yes!
  • Celebrate our anniversary together on November 3!
  • Enjoy our new home! We are LOVING our new house in all the perfect imperfection of settling in!
  • Planning night for The Orchard
  • NYC vacation for anniversary + Thanksgiving I have a newfound love for NYC!
  • Friendship podcast with Kate of Mavenly + Co available here
  • Post TLK video on
  • Goals blog post
  • Budget party with Woody

December goals

Marriage vision retreat with Woody
Work through 2016 PowerSheets to have goals ready by January 1
Decorate our home for Christmas (buy our first Christmas tree!)
Sell Christmas cards on Instagram
Design, order and send our family Christmas card
Host second annual cookie swap
TLK Giveaway
Birthday blog post
Work on unpacking office and guest room

Standing Monthly Goals
Budget party with Woody
Monthly goals blog post

What are you hoping to do in December? Share your goals or the link to your own post below!