November 2015 goals

Well, friends, if I'm being completely vulnerable, I've been trying all month to think of insightful reasons to share of why my November goals are being posted hallway through the month. But, the raw truth is that if it weren't for my commitment to share my goals with you every month in 2015, my November goals probably wouldn't have been set this year. 

The Poconos was an incredible setting for my dear friend Mary's gorgeous October wedding!

The Poconos was an incredible setting for my dear friend Mary's gorgeous October wedding!

The transition from October to November was unusual to say the least, yet very special. We spent the last night in our loft October 30, went to sleep in our new house for the first time October 31, and woke up in our new home in November! We are loving being our new house so very much! While goal setting was not far from my mind, the transition made it challenging to make it happen.

The things that have been going through my head are "why even bother setting goals at this point?" and "how can you encourage others in setting goals if you can't even manage to get yours done before two weeks into the month?" But, thanks to the accountability formed through the promise I made to share my goals every month, here I am, late and pushing past my own negative talk to set goals anyway. Life is too important to live on accident and even in these busy times, I am grateful for the extra push to find time to focus on making my days count. Thanks for sharing in my goals journey this year, and I hope that any amount of grace you feel for me in this season and in this belated goals post, you will extend tenfold to yourself in whatever area you feel not good enough right now. 

Moving day!

Moving day!

Overall, I'm so grateful to be in one of my favorite months of the year, and I am hopeful for all that November is bringing. I would love to know what November holds for you! Comment below or share your own monthly goals post.

October goals progress

  • Love Woody well and prioritize our marriage (I am beyond grateful for the sweet moments we had in October, even in the midst of all we had on our plates.)
  • Practice positivity and a good attitude at work (still focusing on this, and learning how to love well even in the busy times)
  • Complete home renovation (pretty close...just a few finishing touches still happening!)
  • Pack and close the chapter of living at the loft
  • Move into our new house!!! (Hooray!!! We love it!)
  • Celebrate Mary and Kurt's wedding
  • Share birthday party story and photos on the blog (coming soon!)
  • Photograph new product with Rachel (It was hard, but in the midst of the move, I chose to embrace grace and postpone the shoot)
  • NYC Planning *(this happened November 1! Almost made it for October!) *
  • Standing monthly goals
  • Goals blog post
  • Budget party with Woody


november goals

  • Love Woody wholeheartedly
  • Celebrate our anniversary together on November 3!
  • Enjoy our new home! (there is still plenty of settling and unpacking to do, but I'm working on being content in the moment and enjoying finally being moved in.)
  • Planning night for The Orchard
  • NYC vacation for anniversary + Thanksgiving
  • Friendship podcast with Kate of Mavenly + Co
  • Post TLK video on

Standing monthly goals
Goals blog post
Budget party with Woody

Happy November!
xo. Mattye