anniversary photography

I shared in the Focus 3 part 1 that one of our top wedding priorities was photography, and in part 2, I posted some of my favorite moments captured from our big day! The point of developing a Focus 3 is to create a wedding day that feels like you, so it's no surprise that even after our wedding, photography is still very important to us!

I loved the experience of our engagement session, wedding photography and "day after" photo shoot. Fortunately, my dear Woody is a great sport about getting his photo taken and actually enjoyed these experiences too. We knew early on that we didn't only want gorgeous photography to capture our wedding season alone, but also our entire lives together.

Thus, the anniversary photo shoot was born! We started the tradition of doing a shoot every year around the time of our anniversary to celebrate and commemorate who we are as a family. This year, as one-year-old newlyweds, we called upon our talented friend, Todd Helzer, to help us create our first anniversary memory.

There is something about the first year of marriage that felt like a big, peaceful sigh. After all the commotion of dating, engagement and wedding, the first 12 months as husband and wife was comforting as we got to settle in and make a home and a life together. That is exactly what we wanted to capture in these photosthe sweet comfort of creating a life with your very best friend.

Todd contributed to building our vision and he did a great job helping us create images that portray the strength, love and tenderness found in a new marriage. We had so much fun with this shoot too! It felt lower pressure than our wedding photography and some of my favorite moments were nestling near Woody in the crisp winter air and forgetting the camera was even there. It was the genuine laughs, sweet embraces and "you're my best friend" glances that truly made the day special and Todd captured these moments beautifully.

I'm so thankful to have these photos and I plan to create a wall in our home full of memories from every year of our marriage. The heart of the lovingkind is to love well and live your best life. Whether it's through photography, journaling or just pausing and reflecting, I encourage you to find regular moments to enjoy the season you're in and celebrate the people you love in your life.

Check out more photos from the shoot on Todd's blog!