a time to celebrate

I love celebrations. Celebrations are kind of like big gratitude parties. Coming together with one or many for the sake of something you find worth pausing to enjoy and be grateful for is one of my favorite things in life. Life is simply better when you take time to celebrate the things that matter and the things—big and small—that make you smile.

Today, I am giddy with excitement to celebrate one of my favorite days of the year and my very favorite person, my husband! That’s right, it’s Woody’s birthday!

photo by  Sarah DeShaw

photo by Sarah DeShaw

There is something about a birthday that is extra special because it celebrates life. What greater compliment can you give someone than, “I am glad you were born?!" Birthdays always cause me to pause to reflect on the big picture of life; to recognize God brings people into this world with a purpose and a plan for their lives. With each birthday, it is an opportunity to celebrate someone and thank them for the purpose they play in your life. What a celebration!

i am glad you were born!

So today, join me as we celebrate people we are so glad were born. First, it is my dear honor to take a moment to celebrate a remarkable man with a heart that truly is of the lovingkind variety.

Woody, today I celebrate you!

photo by  Sarah DeShaw

photo by Sarah DeShaw

I celebrate your mind. Sometimes, you say things that are so out of the box my more practical mind can hardly comprehend them. When you start a sentence with “what if” I know I better buckle up for a wild ride of dreams and imagination. You push boundaries—in a good way—and I love that about you.

Today, I celebrate your heart. You show me  every single day what true love is. I know God created you to take care of me and give me a little glimpse of His love here on earth. You love with intention and selflessness in a way that challenges my heart to love like that too.

I celebrate your leadership. You don’t just lead others in formal situations or when you are “supposed to.” You lead others simply by the way you walk through each day. With your eyes turned to the Lord and a heart ready to pour into others, you make every interaction meaningful. While I am admittedly biased, I’m not the only one to say that a day spent with you is a day becoming a better person. It’s true.

I celebrate the way you listen. Those close to you have all shared a laugh about the “Woody stare down,” but truly, it’s one of your best qualities. The way you focus your attention on others conveys you care and they matter.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it is your birthday, so I celebrate your love for cats. It’s true, it’s a little weird, but it’s so authentic I’ve learned to see your relationship skills even impact the animal kingdom! I’ve never seen cats respond to a human the way ours do to you, and it’s odd and sweet all at the same time and to be honest, I find it quite endearing. 

Finally, I celebrate today, March 13, the day you were born. I celebrate the day your life began and every day since then. Thank you for putting your heart into this life in a way that brings life to others. You are my best friend and I am so grateful to kick up my celebratory heels and wish you a very Happy Birthday!

ww. jpg

Happy Birthday, Woody!

Truthfully, it doesn’t have to be a birthday or any special occasion to celebrate someone you love. I would love to hear who you want to celebrate today! For reasons big or small, spread the love and let’s celebrate people! The floor is yours…comment below!