Happy 4th of July Weekend!

This is one of my favorite weekends of the summer. I enjoy the casual, festive celebrations all around me, and I'm humbled and deeply grateful for the freedom we have in America and the sacrifices that have made it possible.

Woody and I had a June for the books! It was full of work + fun travel among hosting Supper Club and celebrating Father's Day. We knew it would be a lot going into it, but we also knew we had made intentional choices based on our values and goals so we approached it with enthusiasm and took naps whenever possible. We can only do a couple of months a year at that pace, but when it's full of what matters most, it's worth it!

Now we are taking a much anticipated week off! Hooray! I'm looking forward to decompressing and rejuvenating and spending time with people I love. I also plan to share my refreshed goals for July later this month.

I'm committed to making what matters happen, and sometimes that means giving myself some grace. I've got some goals in my mind to guide my July, and I'll be putting them to paper before long. I knew going into this year that I can't do it all perfectly, but I can do it, and I will!

I hope you'll find a way to spend time focused on what matters most to you this month, too. I look forward to being back with you soon, and in the meantime, check out some goals inspiration over at Making Things Happen!

And, Happy 4th of July, my friends!