New love + Valentine Cards available in the TLK Shop!

I have always loved greeting cards. They combine two of my favorite thingswords and illustrations. In fact, as a little girl, I used to create cards for my parents on the regular and even started my own card "business" drawing custom cards for all my parents' friends (think: Lemonade StandHallmark edition). 

I don't know what it is, but there is something about those sweet pieces of folded paper and their messages of love, thoughtfulness and celebration that I just adore. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that when I set out to create products for The LovingKind, a card collection was the obvious starting point. 

The TLK Shop had a great launch at Christmastime, and with the my favorite holiday, Valentine's Day, right around the corner, I knew the next opportunity was to release some designs I had been dreaming up for a while. Some of these ideas have been sketched out in my sketchbook since before the launch of The LovingKind, and I am jumping-off-my-seat excited to finally get to share them with you!!

Complete Collection

Complete Collection

I hope you love these cards as much as I do, and more importantly, I hope they inspire you and help you show the important people in your life that they are loved. From a classic "Happy Valentine's Day!" greeting to a playful "Love is the Jam" card, this collection is created to make you smile and to make celebrating those you love easy and enjoyable.

Each card is created from my hand drawn illustrations and hand lettering. My dear friend, Michelle of Parapalla Design Shoppe, helped me get my illustrations turned digital to be printed for you! And, I couldn't be happier with them! The illustrations just come to life printed on 110lb smooth ultra white paper and paired with a colorful, coordinating envelope. All they need is your personal message of love and celebration and a stamp to make someone's day!

And, these cards aren't just for Valentine's Day. If you ask me, every day is a reason to celebrate love and the people you care about, so choose your favorites and use these cards throughout the year! They're perfect for saying "I love you" to your sweetheart, "Congratulations" to a newly engaged friend or bride and groom, "Happy Anniversary" to a couple you love and admire, or just "You're awesome" to a good friend.

Whether you pick up one card, a few, a collection, or just browse through them, I hope they bring so much love and cheer into your life and relationships!

As always, thank you for visiting, for reading, and for being The LovingKind!