"what's in my bag?" from Sunshine Magazine

I'm so excited to be featured in the "What's in my bag?" spread in Sunshine Magazine this month! The spread is designed by my dear and talented friend, Michelle, of Parapalla Design Shoppe. She makes my everyday items look so lovely-- if only they stayed this organized in my bag!

See this spread in issue four of Sunshine Magazine

Some of my most used items in day to day life, I picked up thanks to great recommendations from friends so I thought I'd highlight a few of my personal faves in hope they'll better your life too!

Love Does the lovingkind

As soon as you finish reading this post, go immediately to your favorite bookstore and pick up a copy of Love Does by Bob Goff! You will be so glad you did, and I'll go ahead and say "you're welcome" for recommending it! This book is full of short stories that will inspire you to live your life putting love into action. Bob Goff speaks often of a "life of whimsy" and his unconventional approach to living will leave you refreshed and wanting to seize every moment to make it count. The short story layout makes it easy to read and the lessons you learn will impact your daily life in a spectacular way!

calligraphy stella & Dot avalon tote geranium the lovingkind

Ok, I love both things in this photo so much I don't know where to start!

The bag you see is the Avalon Tote in Geranium from Stella & Dot. I started carrying it in early February and it has felt like spring ever since! The pop of color is just right and the size of the bag is great for carrying around all I might need in a day. It comes with a cute canvas "privacy pouch" to store any personal items so they don't show through the bag. Then, there is plenty of room for magazine, books, an iPad, laptop or whatever it is you're carrying that's too large for a normal purse. The Avalon tote also comes in a lovely blush color. This bag transitions from work to weekend to vacation and it's durable to boot!

Oh, calligraphy, how I love thee. One of my goals for 2014 is to learn calligraphy and I got an early start thanks to a fantastic Christmas present from my darling mom. She bought me calligraphy classes from one of Birmingham's best, Deb Warnat. This art has been so fun to learn and I can't wait to share more projects with you this year I'm working on using my newfound calligraphy skills! Do you have a skill, project or craft you're trying to learn and fine-tune? While some hobbies are more portable than others, one of my best tips for a girl on the go is to take items with you so when you find yourself with a little spare time, you can fill it with something meaningful. And of course, there is no better way to carry around supplies in style than the Avalon tote!

rifle paper journal the lovingkind

This journal is my little creative companion. Gifted to me in a set of three by my sweet friend, Callie, these Rifle Paper journals have been perfect to keep with me so I can jot down ideas and inspiration throughout the day. Everyone knows your best ideas don't come in a convenient fashion when you're sitting down trying to think of them! No, they come in a moment when you least expect it and they just might drift out as quickly as they drifted in unless you have a handy way to scribble them down! Whether it's a journal, napkin, index card or legal pad, I highly recommend you keep something with you on the go so you can write, draw or brainstorm the moment your next great idea comes your way.


Thank you to Sunshine Magazine for spreading light, inspiration and beauty in your pages! And thank you for letting me and the lovingkind be part of your spring issue!

So, what's in your bag? I'd love to pick up a few new items from your recommendations!

Comment below with what fabulous or practical things you're keeping in your bag these days!